The specifications for the base are as follows:

You will require a flat & level concrete pad with a course of bricks made up of the following details. 150mm compacted hardcore, Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) and 100mm concrete. The concrete can have fibres and an additive to be urine resistant. On top of the concrete a course of SEMI ENGINEERING bricks (set to our plan) will need to be cemented to the base.
A local builder should be capable of providing the base for you, however we have quite a few contacts around the country if you prefer to use somebody that we have had previous experience of.

We require a single course of bricks to keep the timber building away from the concrete - as this acts as a damp proof course.

The concrete is usually bigger than the size of the stable base by approximately 100mm, so that the edge of the bricks are about 50mm away from the edge of the concrete.

Firstly your builder will work out the level of our ground using a laser level, then remove the top soil from your base, and infill with type1 hardcore, before compacting down with a whacker plate. A plastic membrane goes on the top of the hardcore, then the area that is going to be concreted will have shuttering fitted to the outside to provide the barrier for the concrete.
When the concrete is poured, either go for a tamped finish or a brush finish, as this provides enough grip for the horses to walk on.
Once the concrete is set, your builder will return to do the brick course.

On day 1 the digging out and hardcore takes place, then day 2 should have the membrane and the concrete - depending on the size of the base. Day 3 is left to harden, then either day 4 or 5 can have the bricks cemented. We can then fit the stables a couple of days after the bricks have been fitted.