Why Choose Us

We understand that purchasing stables can be a very difficult decision as you will need to weigh up value for money, with quality and design. By considering this process from our customers perspective, we feel that we offer stables of outstanding quality and design, at a value for money price.

Why can Warwick Stables be considered as value for money?                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Warwick Stables are all built in sections at the manufacturing base in Warwickshire, and as a result of many years of experience, we can supply & fit three of our finely crafted top specification stables within a single day. This keeps the time on site to a minimum and effectively keeps costs down. Because we manufacture many other buildings, we can keep the costs lower due to the savings we receive in bulk purchases - these savings are passed onto our customers.  Our fitters have literally assembled thousands of buildings and know every part of the process in detail, and our efficient check lists ensure everything is on the vehicle meaning as a general rule all runs smoothly on site.   Upon occaision builders look at our product with a view to building it for their own customers and ulitmately purchase directly from us as they can't match our price or quality - even with trade discounts.

Just how good is the quality of a Warwick Buildings Stable?                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The structure is made from 4 x 2 framing which is purchased from Scandinavian FSC registered forests. We offer a high grade of redwood pine, meaning fewer knots, more structural strength, and ultimately exceptional quality. The additional plywood lining is unique to Warwick Buildings, and ensures that the walls are rigid, and more attractive on the inside. The essential vapour barrier is between the cladding and the plywood to protect the inside of the building. A DPC course is on the bottom of the section and sits on the brick course. The kickboards are 25mm thick pine boards, and are much stronger than the composite OSB boarding, and safer than laminated plywood. For other specifications please Click here

Why is a brick course required on top of the concrete base?
The concrete is classed as a floating pad which means it has no foundations - and is made up from 150mm hardcore and 100mm concrete. This is perfectly acceptable for stabling and garaging however the brick course, for which we provide a plan, is required to lift the building away from the concrete. This makes a better join to the concrete base, rather than placing the timber directly onto the concrete pad and the design provides a much better watertight finish, In addition being that the bricks are set 50mm away from the edge of the concrete, helps to prevent the edge of the concrete cracking. The doors are designed to be 70mm longer than the section to allow for the differences in the height between the brick course and the base.

What about planning?
Details on how to access planning information is available on our homepage - if you find that you require planning permission for your stables, we can provide advice and elevation drawings to assist with your application which will normally takes 6 or 8 weeks before a decision is given.

Why are the Felt Tiles more a more costly option for stable roofing?
It is possible to purchase cheaper versions of felt tiles than those used on Warwick Buildings Stables, from the DIY centres. However these cheaper materials are not up to AA fire regulations, nor are they of the same quality. Through years of experience, we have worked out a finish to the felt tiles that is effective in the most windy of locations by providing additional trims that are not available from other suppliers. Apart from being more aesthetically pleasing the quality Felt Tiles used by Warwick Building are designed to last for up to, and in some cases over, 15 years and are fitted to withstand wind speeds of up to 80mph.  For more details on the felt tiles         Click here

How do Warwick Buildings Stables compare to stables from other manufacturers?                                                                                                                                                           We understand all buying decisions are ultimately based on personal choice, and it may you have seen other stables that are suitable for your needs, however we are unable to offer a like for like quotations as we know that the specifications for a Warwick Building Stable does not exactly match that of other stabling providers. The price, quality, safety features and appearance must all be taken into account when making a large investment such as buying stables. Warwick Buildings Stables are by no means the cheapest on the market but do provide an excellent Equestrian range at a very fair price. Our product is built to last and will do the intended job for many years (often well over 25 years) and at the same time if cared for, look as good as when they arrived. 

For those looking for buildings that tick all the boxes, we have found that time and time again, the customers that do their homework consistently select Warwick Stables as their preferred choice. Simply put, we have built and installed thousands of stables and other equestrian buildings, received outstanding feedback, resulting in thousands of delighted customers who are more than happy to recommend us to friends and families. We offer a range of designs and styles to suit all surroundings, and invite you to ask for us to provide a quotation to supply and install your stables